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Optimising Coring and Core Handling
Successful core analysis depends on recovering good quality core to surface and safe shipping to the laboratory. It is vital to plan for all aspects of coring and core handling. AKM Geoconsulting have workflows to help optimise these processes and help obtain pristine core. 
Planning Core Analysis Programmes
Cutting core is very expensive. It is important to make sure the full value of this resource is realised. Planning test programmes and sampling strategies should involve all stakeholders. Adam has many years of experience working with petrophysicists, geologists, reservoir engineers, petroleum technologists and laboratories in planning successful programmes in a wide variety of reservoirs around the world.     
Selecting and Managing Laboratories
All successful core analysis and special core analysis programmes rely on establishing a good working relationship with the contracted laboratories. Selecting a technically competent, safe and well equipped laboratory is a complex process.  
Quality Checking Core Analysis and SCAL Data
Before any data is used it should be quality checked. This is a complex process which involves evaluating sample handling and preparation techniques, experimental conditions, test procedures and equipment reliability. Complete quality checking data draws on years of experience in the laboratory and working with many data sets from around the world. 
Core to Log Integration
Most log interpretation models require parameter optimisation using core data. Adam has vast experience integrating core and log data. He is probably one of the few independent core analysis experts to have worked in service company laboratories and a major operator.  Adam has worked extensively to build workflows to address issues such as heterogeneity and variable measurement scales. 
Integration of Core Data Within Reservoir Models
The process of integration core analysis data into reservoir models can be complex. The stages can include: 
  • Integrating geological and petrophysical rock types
  • Building saturation height functions
  • Populating the model with relative permeability data
Training and Mentoring
Adam provides bespoke training on a wide range of topics for the petroleum industry. For example:


  • An Introduction to Special Core Analysis, Reading, UK, BG Group
  • Unconventional Reservoir Core Analysis, Brisbane, Australia,
       Queensland Gas Company
  • NMR – Basic to Expert User, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Public Course

Adam's courses are consistently rates as Excellent”. Contact him to discuss your needs,


The course was well structured, very informative and it was tailored to our needs. Adam is an enthusiastic presenter who is passionate and very knowledgeable about his subject, he gets the participants involved during his course which makes it enjoyable as well as educational.” 

Course participant, Queensland Gas Company. 

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